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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: The Crone

The Crone was a centuries old demonic Seer, representing and advising those in power both from the Demonic Market and the Underworld. She was a methodical and ruthless upper-level demon noted for her meticulous planning to accomplish her goals.

Foreseeing the power and future of the Twice-Blessed Child, Wyatt, the Crone, like many other demons was intent on acquiring the infant's power. However, unlike most of the evil community, the Crone favored a more subtle strategy to steal the boy as opposed to all out attacks on the Charmed Ones which ended the lives so many other demons seeking Wyatt. So much so that in an attempt to gain at least some of the Charmed Ones' trust the Crone crafted a decree that no more demons were to attack the Twice-Blessed Child. Ultimately this action would be revealed to not be forged in good faith rather it ensured that no one else could claim the power she so coveted.

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