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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Sea Hag

The Sea Hag was an evil witch who lived in a cavern under the sea. Her specialty was granting mermaids legs in return for their immortality. This allowed her to live on for ages and ages without aging or bartering with powerful demons.

According to the Book of Shadows, the Sea Hag has power of her natural environment. She can create rainstorms, hurricanes, and even tidal waves.

Mermaids spend eternity alone in the sea, but when they get lonely, their heart warms and they desire the love of a mortal man. The Sea Hag's specialty is granting these lonely mermaids mortality, which rids them of their tail and gives them legs.

The Sea Hag then sends these mermaids onto land where they can go on their search for love. The Hag gives them one month and one month only, in which the mermaid has to find love. If they do not succeed, the mermaids have to give up their immortality to the Sea Hag, which she then exchanges for unknown goods or services with powerful demons or she keeps it for herself.

The Sea Hag collects the immortality by the use of an Auger Shell, a magical shell with the power to collect powers and store them until they are magically extracted. The mermaids have to place the shell above their heart in order for the shell to collect their immortality.

When a mermaid does find a man who loves her, she has to make sure that man confesses his love, or else the deal will not be complete and the mermaid will have to give up her immortality.

In late May 2002, a skeletal being by the name of Necron had come to the Sea Hag for her immortality. Fearing for her life, the Sea Hag made a deal with Necron, promising him the immortality from a mermaid.

Six months later in September, Necron came back to the hag, only to find that she hadn't collected the immortality from a mermaid yet. Necron gave the Hag one more chance and would return the day later.

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