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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Power of Three Vanquish a Warlock Spell

The Power of Three Spell, also Warlock Spell, invokes the the Power of Three to vanquish evil and protect the Charmed Ones.

Referred to in the Book of Shadows as Warlock Spell, it has proven useful for the Charmed Ones in other types of situations; to protect themselves from other demons or regain the trust in themselves.

Prue had found their family's spirit board in the basement when she was looking for the circuit tester. Her sister Piper could not believe that they still had this, as it had been such a long time that she had seen it. She turned the spirit board around and read aloud the message that her mother had carved in the back.

A day later, when she and her sisters became the Charmed Ones, they were confronted by their first enemy, Jeremy Burns, Piper's boyfriend and a warlock. When Jeremy had trapped the sisters in the attic, Prue remembered the inscription on the back of the spirit board, how the Power of three will set them free. Prue and Piper began chanting the spell, and their younger sister Phoebe followed them. They kept chanting the spell and ultimately vanquished Jeremy.

The sisters used the spell on Jeremy for a second time when he was brought back by the demon Abraxas and attacked Piper at P3. Because Piper had forgotten the spell, she called her sisters and together (through speakerphone), they vanquished him once more.

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