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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Mermaids

A mermaid is an immortal creature of the sea. They can spend eternity at sea because they are cold blooded beings. Mermaids like shiny bubbles, sea shells, and sea shanties are the only songs they know. They spend their lives exploring the wonders of the sea. Mermaids have hearts as cold as the water. However, once a mermaid gets lonely, her heart will warm up and then she will become curious about the world ashore.

A mermaid named Mylie became lonely and set out to find love in the mortal world. She made a deal with the Sea Hag, who promised her to grant her legs for a month to find love. In this time, Mylie had the chance to find someone who would love her. Once time would ran out, the Hag would claim her Immortality. However, since mermaids are immortal beings, only they can give up their immortality. To drain her immortality, she would have to place an Auger Shell on her heart.

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