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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Imara and Imara Vanquishing Spell

Imara was a demonic sorceress strongly underestimated and disrespected by the rest of the Underworld due to her unfortunate physical appearance. Despite being considered little more than a hag by most, she was a master of spells and dark magic and highly ambitious and unpredictable. Imara desired beauty, power and respect that she did not possess, so, to this end, sought to defeat the demon Zankou, removing the competition and bringing herself to glory. To accomplish this, she plotted to vanquish his most trusted lieutenants; mainly Benzor, Daleek and Linson.

Despite her magical powers and skills, Imara was disrespected and underestimated by the rest of the Underworld because of her appearance, which caused her to be thought of as nothing more than a hag. She soon desired beauty, power and respect from her fellow demons, and apparently enslaved some to her and kept them in her dark chambers in the Underworld.

At an unknown time, Imara probably encountered a witch from the Warren line, who wrote a brief entry about her powers and personality in the family's Book of Shadows, which included a picture of her.

After Zankou was freed from his prison, where he was banished by the Source of All Evil, Imara immediately recognised him as a threat to her and her plans of power and rulership. She saw that the way to weaken him was by defeating his greatest lieutenants, Daleek, Benzor and Linson, amoving others. To accomplish this, Imara plotted to switch souls with one of the Charmed Ones, who would have enough power to vanquish the Infiltrator Demons. She ordered one of her minions to obtain a lock of hair from Piper Halliwell, the eldest, while she was at P3, as a fresh ingredient from her target was required for her Soul Swapping Spell.

Unfortunately for Imara, her minion did not succeed in obtaining a lock of Piper's hair, which angered her. However, this made her reconsider; she decided not to go after Piper again because of her incredible power, and would not turn her sights to Paige because of her constant contact with the Elders, being a whitelighter. Imara then pointed out that Phoebe was envied, idolized and respected, just as she wished to be, so sent another demon out to get a lock of hair from her instead. Her minion succeeded, though left his scissors behind, and Imara began to brew the potion. After completing the Soul Swapping Spell, Imara's minions locked her body in a cage, so that, when Phoebe's soul arrived in her body, she would not escape.

The spell was successful, but now she had to mimic Phoebe in hopes of no one, especially Piper and Paige, becoming suspicious to her body swap.

However, Imara did not imitate Phoebe particularly well, every time she passed a shiny surface, she would admire herself and she was very bad at impersonating Phoebe's premonitions. She was struck by how beautiful she had become; the sisters realized something was amiss when Imara constantly changed outfits even before tracking a demon. The plan was discovered by Piper and Paige after Imara killed Phoebe. She was eventually vanquished when Piper and Paige brought back Phoebe's soul.

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