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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Shax – The Source's Assassin

Shax was a powerful upper-level demon with wind-based abilities. He was best known for being the personal demonic assassin of the Source of All Evil, and the only demon to ever permanently kill a Charmed One; Prue Halliwell. He was vanquished in 2001 by the newly reconstituted Charmed Ones, avenging their eldest sister.

After Shax was assigned to kill Dr. Griffiths, Phoebe Halliwell received a premonition of his death. She and her sisters rushed to find him. As soon as they found him, he was taken to the manor. The sisters talked about how they could vanquish Shax, much to the shock of Dr. Griffiths. He believed it was a prank set up by his ex-wife. However, it was not. Shax whirled in and blasted Prue and Piper through the living room wall and into the conservatory.

Shax was about to kill the doctor when Phoebe chased him off by casting his vanquishing spell. After they were healed by Leo, Prue and Piper followed Shax onto the street and Piper blew him up. This was witnessed by a local news crew, exposing magic. Shax later attempted to kill the doctor at the hospital, but was vanquished by the sisters.

When a series of events caused time to be reversed, Phoebe was no longer present when Shax attacked the manor. In this new timeline, Shax killed the doctor after attacking the sisters. He then whirled out of the manor with a grin, slamming the door and shattering the glass. Prue later died of her injuries while Piper was healed in time by Leo.

During Prue's funeral, Paige Matthews came to console her sisters. As they shook hands, Phoebe received a premonition about Shax attacking Paige. Later that night, Paige was dancing with her boyfriend Shane at P3. When they left and headed to a rooftop, Shax appeared. He knocked out Shane and attempted to kill Paige, though she orbed away. This was witnessed by Phoebe and Cole, who later prevented Shax from killing Paige.

When Paige met her sisters at the manor, the Power of Three was reconstituted. At that moment, Shax attacked the manor and chased the sisters to the attic. Once there, the newly formed Charmed Ones cast the vanquishing spell, thus vanquishing Shax and avenging Prue.

Shax was one of the many demons to manifest through Tyler Michaels as the host of Heremus. When he emerged, Shax called out Prue's name and sought to kill her again. He confronted Prue at a motel and attacked Benjamin Turner. The Charmed Ones arrived just as Shax blasted Prue through a wall once more and attempted the vanquishing spell. However, Prue interrupted them and forced Shax to his knees. All four sisters then joined together to vanquish Shax with the spell.

In an alternate reality created by Cole Turner, Paige never reconstituted the Charmed Ones. In this reality, Shax was still alive and a vengeful Piper was still hunting him down.

In the dark future where Wyatt Halliwell had turned evil, he turned the manor into a museum. Upon entry, guests were shown a hologram of the Charmed Ones being reconstituted and them facing Shax.

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