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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Brianna Bowen

Brianna Bowen was an extremely powerful Warren witch with the power of Advanced Telekinesis, which she channeled through her hands. She was famous for defeating a Lord of War by sending his Crystal Sword hundreds of miles away, which was a thought-impossible feat.

Brianna was born to Bartholomew and Christina Bowen and had three siblings: Laura, Jeffrey, and another whose name is not shown on the Family Tree. At an unknown time, Brianna married a man named Jack and had two children with him. O. Bowen was the first, the second cannot be made out on the Family Tree, but was married and had a child.

During the Crimean Wars, Brianna confronted Gabriel Statler, a Lord of War, in Sevestopol, Ukraine. Underestimating his foe, he ordered her immediate execution. However, the tremendously powerful Brianna sent his Crystal Sword into the sky and hundreds of miles away. Separated from his sword, the Lord of War lost the source of his power and was quickly defeated.

The Lord of War was reincarnated 140 years later and tried to get revenge and restore his powers by going after Prue Halliwell, the firstborn of the Charmed Ones and Brianna's descendant. However, Prue and her sisters managed to vanquish the Lord with his own sword.

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