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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Wendigo

Wendigo is a formerly mortal demonic creature that can transform between a human and demonic form. It hunts during the three nights of the full moon, seeking to devour the hearts of its victims. Those who survive its scratch become Wendigos themselves.

The Wendigo seeks victims with AB negative blood, who are in love or at least those who have good hearts. When victims are turned into Wendigos, they can only be turned back by destroying the creature who turned them. Its only known weakness is fire.

A long time ago, a mortal man fell deeply in love with a woman who betrayed him. In his rage, he cut out her heart and ate it, causing his own heart to turn into ice, thus turning him into the first Wendigo.

Agent Fallon was an FBI agent who pretended to hunt the very thing that she was, a Wendigo. She attacked Piper Halliwell and infected her, causing Piper to become a Wendigo as well. Agent Fallon was vanquished when she was hit with a flare gun by Prue, causing Piper to be returned to normal.

There were two entries on the Wendigo in the Book of Shadows. The first explains what a Wendigo is and how the first Wendigo came to be, the second entry discusses how one can unbecome a Wendigo if transformed into one.

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