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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: A Glamour to Change One's Appearance

….A Glamour to Change One's Appearance is a spell in the Book of Shadows. It casts a glamour over another to ensure justice is served.

When Cal Greene nearly beat Elise Rothman to death, she was healed by Paige Matthews when the sisters arrived. However, to Ensure that Cal would be arrested for his crime, the sisters used this spell to make Elise appear bruised and wounded.

There's actually three different Glamour Spell pages that no one really talks about. I'll see what I can do inbetween times to fix something up. This page is really the Charmed Comic Book Spell for this particular Glamour Spell. I assume the old ones wouldn't look much different.

I had some time to make the other two Glamour Spells. I made the cast spell blue and the reversal spell red.

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