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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: The Cursed Painting

The Cursed Painting was presumably created and later enchanted by a witch named Nell in the 1920s. She used it to trap the warlock Malcolm for eternity by writing a spell under the painting that only his power of X-Ray Vision could read. When he read the spell, he was trapped inside the castle in the painting.

For the following seventy years, the warlock Jane Franklin kept the painting and sought a way to free her lover, though she required the Charmed Ones. She eventually found Prue Halliwell and brought the painting to Buckland Auction House. When Prue read the incantation after viewing an X-Ray, she became trapped, while her sister Piper later made the same mistake.

Phoebe, under the influence of a smart spell, found the incantation to free them. However, when she tried to sent the spell to her sisters, Malcolm stole it and released himself from the painting to reunite with Jane. When Jane set the painting on fire, Phoebe trapped herself and the warlocks inside and stole back the spell to save herself, her sisters and Kit, who had been sent in with the release spell. Malcolm and Jane eventually died in the fire as the painting was destroyed.

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