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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Succubus

Succubus is a former witch who has made a pact with darkness. Succubi give up all human emotions and become predators, seeking powerful men to feed off their testosterone. The Charmed Ones faced a Succubus named Darla.

In 1999, Phoebe started having nightmares about having a passionate night with men and then murdering them. She later recognized the men from pictures Darryl had given Prue. All men were murdered and drained of their testosterone. Phoebe then believed herself to be the murderer.

The sisters visited a dating service called "Fine Romance", where they met Darla. She signed them up for a mixer. Once there, Darla was focused on Owen Grant. However, the Charmed Ones cast a spell to track the murderer, which they identified as a Succubus. However, the spell turned Prue into a man. Darla was then attracted to Prue, known as Manny Hanks. However, Manny started a fight with Owen and both were arrested. Darla then missed another "nightly feeding" causing her psychic connection with Phoebe to become stronger.

The following night, Manny arranged dates with several women the sisters suspected to be the Succubus. Darla then lured Manny into the alley and used her powers on "him". Piper and Phoebe then intervened and Piper froze Darla. Inspector Smith and Darryl soon arrived and Darla unfroze, fled, and attacked Inspector Smith. When she went to attack Darryl, he shot and seemingly killed her.

A coroner diagnosed Darla as having an endocrine system with high levels of testosterone and was fairly sure that Darla was the murderer the cops were looking for. Inspector Smith then looked over Darla and she awoke, attacking the inspector and sucking out all his testosterone. Finally fully fed, she took off after Manny and eventually broke him out of the upstairs bathroom window in the manor. With Manny seduced by Darla, Phoebe was able to reach out to him through her connection to the Succubus. She broke her hold over Manny and "he" vanquished Darla by sending her flying into her nest, where her clothes touched the candles there, setting her on fire and vanquishing her.

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