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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: The Woogeyman or The Boogeyman

There was once a great discussion about whether it was The Woogeyman or The Boogeyman in the book. There was one episode of Charmed where a soul eating monster began doing its work at P3. Some have omitted this entry from their book. It's Woogeyman with an e, not Woogyman, the dark mist that lives in the Halliwell's basement. Within this discussion, the decision was to omit this entry. I say, bring it to life.

It was actually Masselin that was in that episode, "The Devil's Music" in Season 2. He only made one appearance. Whether this picture is of the "oops entry" is the real boogeyman or not, there isn't a mention of any episode with a boogeyman in it.

This is what Masselin would have looked like without his cloak. He was a disgusting beast.

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