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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Devlin and The Ring of Inspiration

Devlin was a powerful and cunning warlock who sought to take over the Underworld when the Source of All Evil was injured. He obtained the Ring of Inspiration to steal Muses to make himself stronger.

Devlin realized that while the Source was recovering from injuries suffered from Cole during his attempt to trick Piper into giving up the Charmed Ones' powers, he had a chance to seize the throne for himself. To start his plan, Devlin formed a faction made up of other warlocks. All of these warlocks killed demons and took their powers. Under normal circumstances, this carried an automatic death sentence. However, the Source wasn't around to implement the rule there wasn't any consequences. Somehow, along the way, Devlin was able to acquire the ring of inspiration and with it began stealing the muses from good people. Since muses do not have demon/warlock charges, evil never gets to feel a muse's inspiration. With the ring, Devlin was able to inspire his entire faction to do his bidding.

Devlin then set his sights on the Charmed Ones, since killing even one of them would mean automatic succession to the throne. One of his warlock associates had killed a demon and taken his glamouring power, and Devlin convinced him to glamour into Leo and ambush the Charmed Ones. When he failed, Devlin looked for a second warlock to aid him in his quest. To combat Devlin, the Charmed Ones' muse, Melody, gave Paige the idea to orb the ring off Devlin's finger. The second warlock attacked first and got vanquished, but Devlin appeared straight afterwards and reacquired the ring. To prepare for his third and final attempt, Devlin inspired his entire faction to take part in an ambush at P3. But the sisters were discovered a way to smoke out the warlocks, and managed to kill three of them before the others escaped. Unknown to them, however, Devlin escaped the carnage by glamouring into Melody's appearance. Once they got into the alley, "Melody" placed her hand on Phoebe's face and began killing her with a Touch of Death. Just then, Cole knocked her down and Piper threw a flash potion at her. Devlin glamoured back into his true self and Piper tried to blow him up, but he was able to reconstitute himself. However, the Charmed Ones used a spell to vanquish him once and for all.

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