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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Matthew Tate and the Pewter Heart Locket

Pewter Heart was a locket that was given to Melinda Warren by her lover Matthew Tate.

Before her death, Melinda enacted her revenge on Matthew Tate by cursing him to spend eternity trapped within a locket he had given to her as a gift, but not before wiping out Matthew's copies of her powers. Only Melinda herself or a witch of blood kin could set Matthew free.

The warlock must never be freed or he will destroy the Warren line.

Warlock Curse

Ingredients needed: assorted herbs,a Spotted Owl Feather,a leather bag and a locket.

Combine the herbs and make it into a fine powder.
Put the powder into the leather bag and add the owl feather.
Put the bag into fire and let it burn while chanting the spell
and holding the locket open, pointed to the to-be-cursed warlock.

Outside of Time!
Outside of Gain!
Know only Sorrow!
Know only Pain!

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