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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Anton

Anton was a powerful and immortal warlock with the powers of Super Strength and Glamouring, as well as the ability to resist and adjust to a witch's powers. He fell in love with P. Russell, a witch from the Warren Line and seduced her to evil.

In 1924, Anton fell in love with a Warren witch, P. Russell, who also happened to be the past life of Phoebe Halliwell. He seduced her into turning evil, and convinced her to help him kill her cousins, P. Bowen and P. Baxter, which were the past lives of Prue and Piper Halliwell, to obtain their powers. He gave her a potion that tripled her power of pyrokinesis, and an amulet that rendered her immune to all witchcraft.

Bowen and Baxter feared that Anton and Russell were soulmates, and would be too much for their descendants to handle if they ever got back together again in the future. With that in mind, they not only killed Russell by strangulation, but cursed her soul so that her future selves would also die during their 24th year.

Meanwhile, Anton escaped with the amulet, which was ripped off Russell's neck in the struggle. In 2000, he reappeared to reclaim his love in an attempt to gain access to the Charmed Ones' powers. He kidnapped Christina Larson, the only living survivor of the events of 1924, and glamoured into her appearance. He was inadvertently helped by Phoebe, who went back to her past self in order to find some way to keep from being killed by the curse Baxter and Bowen (her great-grandmother and great-aunt, respectively) spoke 76 years earlier. In the process, Phoebe switched bodies with Russell, which allowed Russell to be reincarnated in the present.

Anton got out of Christina's wheelchair, dropped his glamour, clocked Leo in the face, and knocked him out. He then put the amulet around Russell's neck, and the two of them headed for the manor to finish what they started 76 years earlier. In the ensuing battle, Prue deflected one of Russell's fire blasts at Anton, which set him ablaze and destroyed him.

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