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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Aura Cleanse

Aura Cleanse is a spell in the Book of Shadows that can purify one's Aura.

An Aura is the soul energy that surrounds a person. Good auras glow gold depending on how much good that person creates, while evil auras are black.

In 2004, Paige Matthews wanted to help her boyfriend Richard Montana improve his karma he believed had been damaged by his family's war. She told him the Book of Shadows had "a Chakra Cleanse, an aura cleanse, but no karma cleanse." He later decided to use the Aura cleanse spell, but replaced "aura" with "karma." ("Used Karma") Penny Halliwell used a similar spell to adjust her Aura in 1967.

"I call to thee, pure
Witches fire,
Through vortex flow
the heavenly mire,
Cleanse brackish
aura of debris, From
dark to light, sweep

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