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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Trok Demon

Trok Demon was an evil magical entity with two hideous heads, one eye on each with a diagonal scar running across its faces where its inner eyes should be. Based on its entry in the Book of Shadows, the Trok Demon presumably lived in a different plane of existence and could only be summoned when on the earthly plane.

In 2004, Phoebe summoned the Trok Demon by closing her eyes and focusing on him. One of its heads was accidentally blown up by Piper in an attempt to freeze him. The Trok then attacked the Charmed Ones with a violent wave generated from his roars. Phoebe then pulled out the spell and the simple rhyme was chanted, vanquishing the Trok Demon.

Vanquish Spell:

"From other worlds far and near
let's get him the trok out of here."

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