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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Timeloops

A time loop is a period of time which infinitely repeats itself until an event occurs that ends the loop. Time Loops can continue forever with those trapped inside not aging and not noticing the repeat pattern. However, the person who created or caused the loop will be aware.

Beings with psychic powers, such as precognitive witches, are sensitive to Time Loops, and are likely to become aware of a loop. This awareness usually results in a Déjà Vu-effect where they recognize the pattern.

The demonic sorcerer Tempus had the power of Chronokinesis, allowing him to manipulate time and create Time Loops. Presumably all beings who possess Chronokinesis could potentially create loops. A great injustice can also cause a Time Loop, where good souls can remain trapped due to an evil soul. If all souls within the loop are unaware of its presence, an outside third party will be needed to break the loop in order to change the events of the loop and correct the injustice.

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