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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Hecate the Queen of the Underworld

Underworld is one of the eleven planes of existence. It resembles a dark maze of underground or volcanic caverns and chambers. The Underworld is the plane in which most of the Demonic Hierarchy resides, including the leaders of the forces of evil, most notably the Source of All Evil and the Triad.

A Demonic Hierarchy exist in the underworld, it's purpose is to maintain order and control over the many evil forces that exist there. Typically, this hierarchy is led by the Source of All Evil, though other demons, such as the Triad, serve directly under him and assume control when the Source is vanquished. Various evil magical beings reside within the underworld, including several Demonic Factions, Darklighters and even certain warlocks, who are considered to be at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Hecate is the (presumably) self-proclaimed Queen of the Underworld. She comes to Earth every two hundred years to find an innocent man from a well-born family and put him under her spell in order to create a demonic spawn. She was the first upper-level demon encountered by the Charmed Ones.

Hecate must marry an innocent man in a sanctified wedding before being impregnated. Once conceived, her child would look human, but would be pure demon. Her spell can only be broken by a declaration of true love sealed with a kiss. She can be banished with a 14th century Italian dagger called the Jeweled Poignard of the Order of the Stephanine Cross.

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