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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Hear Secret Thoughts Spell

To Hear Secret Thoughts is a spell written in the Warren Book of Shadows. It allows the caster to hear and eavesdrop on the thoughts of anyone around them.

Thinking the men in their lives may be Warlocks, Prue Halliwell and her sister Piper cast this spell in order to determine whether or not Jack Sheridan and Dan Gordon were evil- Prue suspected Jack was evil because his twin brother appeared in another place than Jack was, she assumed he blinked due to not knowing he had a twin; Piper, Dan because Kit hissed at him. They resorted to this spell because they did not know about the simple technique of pricking a suspected warlock to see if they bleed as a method of warlock identification.

With two blue candles lit and the Book of Shadows opened to the spell aloft the living room table, Prue and Piper recited the words of the spell and began to hear each other's thoughts. Phoebe showed up at the Manor and they could hear her thoughts as well.

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