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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Abraxas

Abraxas was a demon that resided in the Astral Plane. He was known for stripping the powers of good witches by demonizing the source of their power. He succeeded in stealing the Book of Shadows from the Halliwell Manor and used it to reverse the vanquishing spells the Charmed Ones had cast, causing their old enemies to be resurrected.

Abraxas managed to steal the Book of Shadows from the manor by pulling it into the Astral Plane. He then started reading it backwards, reversing the spells the Charmed Ones had cast and resurrecting their old foes. His goal was to reverse all spells in the book, ending with the "Dominus Trinus" spell that had granted the sisters their powers. Abraxas managed to resurrect the Woogyman, Jeremy Burns, and Nicholas before the sisters used the energy of the equinox to recall the Book of Shadows by reciting the Dominus Trinus. Abraxas was then summoned from the Astral Plane and vanquished.

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