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Charmed Series Book of Shadows: Invoke the Power of Three Spell

A Spell for Invoking the Power of Three is a spell in the Book of Shadows. The sisters used it in 1999 to vanquish the demon Abraxas.

Why this is in the beginning, I do not know. I used a video flip through of the book on YouTube to kind of get an idea on how to compile the book. The book has only one divider, which is Demons. The rest is just all over the place, including the Demon section. I'm putting this in the Beginning Pages Section for now, just to try to organize the pages.

A Spell for invoking the Power of Three:

"Hear now the words
of the witches,
The secrets we hid
in the night,
The oldest of gods
are invoked here,
The great work of
magic is sought…
…In this night and
in this hour,
We call upon the
ancient power… We want the power give us the

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