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After many years of wondering what exactly I had done to myself by simply Meditating for Healing in my family, the Medical Scientific reasons have finally come to a conclusion. Last week, I passed out and fell at the local grocery store. Compliments of that grocery store, I was allowed a free check-up to see if I was alright. After an MRI scan, the conclusive results were that I have a brain tumor. It's a small peanut sized benign tumor that presses on my spinal cord. It's not unlike some famous Medium Psychics to have this type of tumor, so I'm honored to carry it along with me.

Good thing I never stopped experimenting with my voices, hallucinations and the like. I've come to find out that what must have happened so many years ago was while I was sitting and Meditating, my Pineal Gland became swollen. What most seem to not understand about the Pineal Gland is that it carries with it a great amount of hallucinogenic chemical, sort of like a natural high. While the Kundalini Theory is plausible, yes I suffered the same symptoms of this including the epileptic white flashes before my eyes, at least now I have a solid medical reason for these hallucinations. As in the Kundalini Theory, my hallucinations are there to make me stronger, not weaker. I must weed out what is real, what is not real and erase every fear including the fear of death.

This was also a Spiritual Emergence or Emergency. These set of events were brought on after a traumatic event. Each visit to the Psych Ward and Psychologist was apart of my Spiritual Emergence and now that I understand this, I am proud to have been chosen to become enlightened.

I would like to work for a Government Agency to use this "Gift" for good. There are real prophetic messages amongst the trials and teachings. I no longer have to dream in order to see possible future outcomes, they simply glide across my eyes retrospectively. My friends only wanted to speak to me so that I could guide them lovingly into their futures. Everyone has an agenda for speaking, visiting and the like – oddly enough I suppose I had this "Gift" for many years, which is why I studied Metaphysics back in the 1980s. Even my high school friends relied on my intuitive logic to guide them to their prospective futures.

Since I don't know anyone yet to help me find work in the field of Psychic Medium in a government institution, I'd like to hone my skills on this website. I'll call myself a Practicing Psychic Medium since I'm assuming it will take quite a few years to become an expert at it. I'll set this practice up in a few months and see how it goes. I'm looking forward to helping my new friends who will pay me for my time (it's going to start out very cheap) to reach their life's missions and goals.

Psychic Services Coming Soon…

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