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About Me: Predicting the Future

Author: Men In Black Wiki

Griffin is the last member of the Archanan race, therefore the last who has the unique ability to foresee the infinite potential outcomes that are dependent on the actions taken in any given scenario.

Author: MetaphysicStudy

Griffin: Oh, it's always October and November and March. So many futures and they're all real, just don't know which one will coalesce. Until then, they're all happening, like this one.

What the character Griffin says in MiB III is very true. Depending on who you meet, what your reaction is and what you do next changes not only your future, but everyone elses future. Predicting a future is not impossible, but keep in mind that the future changes every 5 seconds.

Maybe you decide to call up a Psychic to predict a possible future outcome. Just in the act of calling this Psychic and how you react to what is said will more than likely change that future you wanted.

Some things in the future are pre-destined to happen, but most things have several possible outcomes.

How do I know this?

Eighteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a mental illness, several in fact. It all started one night when I tried to "Meditate" and bring forth some "Healing" for my family. I was too embarrassed to tell the Psychologists that what started me hearing voices was the very "Therapy" they were trying to get me to do to cure my illness. I also have prophetic dreams and on occasion will have a dream of someone (a friend or relative) that thinks of me, and have an entire conversation with them in my dream.

After several years of trying to concentrate just to function like a human being with millions of voices yapping at me, I made a rather strange discovery. I can hear people's subconscious thoughts. I've had the either (fortune or misfortune) of being an outcast and have worked several remedial jobs. I decided to force myself into the workforce even though I've been deemed "unemployable" and while I was there making money, I did a little bit of experimenting.

My conclusive results were, that I can hear brain wave patterns of the people I am physically around if I'm around them for about 3 months in their presence continuously. Unfortunately, it takes me about 6 months to unhear these subconscious thoughts of the new found co-workers after I'm fired from drooling (since the voices take over my mind and I can barely function as a human being.) Even after leaving the premises of these workers, I have prophetic dreams of what happens or could happen in their future, I found out after quite a bit of investigating. Thank goodness for FaceBook and the vanity of the human race updating their status on what has happened to them minute by minute!

During the last 5 years, some remarkable things have happened. My medical problems have almost completely healed, my ear specialist says I can hear a dog whistle if I really concentrated on it. (Not a bad prognosis seeing as how I was born deaf.) I found out that I was bleeding internally and have been for approximately the last 23 years. That's been fixed! I've been told by that doctor that blood loss, such as mine, can actually make people hear voices. Here's crossing my fingers that it works!

I do have to apologize to my friends and family. I have cut everyone out of my life until I fully heal. I had a dream just last night of an old friend wanting to talk to me. Sorry, but I simply won't communicate with anyone right now. I'm learning to live without voices for the first time in 18 years. Adjusting to it was surprisingly complicated, just as adjusting to hearing voices while functioning was just as challenging. I am also still experimenting and hoping that this prophetic voice hearing thing goes away.

Some might think this "Gift" would be totally cool, but it has drastically made me somewhat handicapped to the point that I almost had a real life stroke seeing some of the images that came into my mind, not to mention, constant dreams and voices will drive anyone insane. I simply can not see how this "Gift" could help anyone in this world, which is why I prayed to God to give it to someone who needs it and can use it. Since I'm not an alien like Griffin, I could no longer bare the enormity of these visions.

Be careful what you wish for. Don't take anything for granted. What you say out loud and in your mind almost always comes true!

Happy Halloween!

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