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Genesis – Part 1 – In the Beginning

Author: Denver Spiritual Community

The Bible story begins with the Book of Beginnings or Genesis, the story of creation. Or, I should, the stories of creation.

Creation began when the earth was without form and the Spirit of God moved upon the waters. Alchemically speaking, this Spirit is the Positive or masculine aspect of God combining with the water, which is the Negative or feminine side of God, to give birth to Creation. These same principles became the elements of fire and water, in their material manifestation. When the breath of the Spirit combined with the receptive feminine waters, the result was the Light. "Let there be light: and there was light." This was the work of the first "day" of creation. In the Greek translation the word for "day" was translated as aeon.

On the second "day" or "aeon" God created the firmament. This was the lowering of the vibration of the creative emanation which resulted in the manifestation of matter.

The story of creation is the story of mankind. Our bodies began as minerals and gradually developed through plants and animals and finally became humans with indwelling spirits, incorporating all the elements from the lower levels. The naming of the animals by Adam, which in Hebrew means 9 and symbolizes humanity, is the recognition of all animal characteristics as a part of the nature of man. In the bible, name can be interpreted as nature or matter.

According to Richard Maurice Bucke's Cosmic Consciousness, first published in 1901, the story of the Garden of Eden can be understood as the story of the development of self consciousness. There is certainly a difference between consciousness and self consciousness. Animals are conscious. But, they are probably not self conscious. (After some of the things dolphins and chimps have done recently, I will not say they are not.)

The important is self consciousness is that it allows us to think about ourselves, which gives us the opportunity to make choices. Animals cannot sin, for they cannot make choices. They act from instinct.

The story is inconsistent about whether this is good or bad. For, as Adam and Eve became aware that they were unclothed, they were told by the serpent, and it was reinforced by God, that they also had the power to become one of the gods. This somewhat ambiguous discussion makes sense. For along with the opportunity for the achievement of godhood, man had also become capable of sin.

John P. Scott, in The Hidden Bible: Genesis, says that the Garden of Eden was heaven and the eating of the apple represents our fall from heaven into the physical. Adam and Eve lost consciousness of the higher realms through the indulgence of their lower emotions.

Their children, Cain and Abel, represent fire and water. Cain represents the fire or head type and Abel represents water, the heart or faith type of person. In Masonry, the Sons of Cain are those who require reason to be convinced, while the Sons of Abel are more docile and will accept faith without reason.

When Cain killed Abel, it meant that the mental, material side of man had dominated the heart, spiritual side. In other words, humanity was becoming more materialistic. So Abel was the keeper of the sheep, always denoting innocence, and Cain was a tiller of the soil, denoting the physical, material, lower self.

In addition to representing different types of people, they also represent aspects within each of us. For we each have our Cain and Abel within. After Cain murdered Abel, he wandered in the Land of Nod, which means trouble or unrest, a lower level of consciousness. The heartless man is troubled and restless. When finally, Cain knows his wife and she begets a child, Enoch, which means wisdom, it indicates that he has come back to his feminine nature and Enoch, or wisdom, is the result of this union between masculine mind and feminine heart.

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